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True Joy is just over the Horizon!

Psalm 30:5 Weeping may endure for a night, But joy comes in the morning.

Definition defines joy as the emotion of great delight or happiness caused by something exceptionally good or satisfying; keen pleasure; elation.  I know of two families who probably think that joy is going to be gone forever from their lives.  They both have lost family members in unexpected tragedies recently.  I cannot truly empathize, that is, I cannot say that I can actually feel what they are feeling because I have not passed down the road that they are passing.  As a result, I want to be careful when I say that the Lord can turn their sorrow into joy.  We can see numerous occasions in our Bibles where the Lord did just that.

Seeking the Living among the Dead
The disciples of the Lord were confused, sad and discouraged on Friday when the Lord was crucified.  But the Lord had said that He would turn their sorrow into joy and He did.  On Sunday morning, the women who came to the tomb found it empty.  Angels asked them why they were seeking the living among the dead.  Then the Lord began appearing to them.  He appeared first to Mary Magdalene and finally to all of them.  Joy did come in the morning

Turning Water to Wine
The Lord went to a wedding one day.  They ran out of wine which I think is a no no.  His mother seemed to know that the Lord had the power to correct the situation.  She told the servants to do whatever the Lord told them to do.  So at his command, they filled water pots with water and served the water to the master or governor of the feast.  That took a lot of courage since they certainly didn’t want to be serving him water even if it was cool and refreshing.   Lo and behold, the governor thought they had saved the best wine until the end of the feast which was unusual.  Usually the best wine was served first.  Water can be refreshing but it doesn’t provide the joy that wine does at a wedding feast.  The Lord had turned the water to wine.  He took circumstances that could have been bad and changed the situation into one of joy.  I am sure that the servants were filled with joy when instead of being reprimanded and perhaps beaten, they were being praised.  The Lord can change our circumstances.  He can turn sorrow into joy.

Exceeding His friends Expectations
Lazarus, the Lord’s friend,  was sick.  His sisters sent for the Lord so that He could come and heal Lazarus.  The Lord lingered for two days until Lazarus had died dead.  Then He came.  Mary and Martha were sad and confused.  Why hadn’t he come when they first asked Him to come?  Why hadn’t He healed His friend?  The Lord Jesus felt their sorrow and wept at the tomb.  But He had something better than a healing prepared for Lazarus.  He was about to raise him from the dead.  And He did!  Sorrow was turned to joy that day and I am sure that it seemed like a new day had dawned for that family.  Joy came in the morning.

An Unexpected Hanging
Esther in the Old Testament became queen by very unusual circumstances.  But she was a Jew in a city and a country that had people with great hatred for the Jews.  The Jews had an enemy called Haman who was determined to destroy the Jews because of his hatred for Esther’s cousin Mordecai.  He had raised Esther.  When the edict by Haman went forth to destroy all the Jews, the city was greatly confused and perplexed.  It turns out Esther was able to save her people by revealing Haman’s motives to the King.  She did this at the risk of her own life.   Haman was hanged on his own gallows and the Jews were allowed to defend themselves.  The day when they were to be destroyed became a day of celebration because they had been victorious over their enemies.  Sorrow had been turned to joy for them.  Mourning had been turned into a holiday.

This life contains a lot of sorrow.  We know that we will have joy in the morning when the Lord returns.  Night will be over and the day will dawn.  But I don’t think these families that are sorrowing this week will have to wait until then to experience the joy of the Lord.  Maybe family members who have rejected the Lord will be led to repentance and salvation.  That would bring great joy.  I believe that somehow, some way, He will turn their sorrow into joy. 

Bruce Collins

Meditation for the week of June 1, 2014

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