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Meditation for the week of June 29, 2008

John 12:15 “Fear not, daughter of Zion; Behold, your King is coming, Sitting on a donkey’s colt.”

I am getting lots of emails that seem to be trying to influence how I vote in the next election. Democrats think they can give us everything and Republicans think they can give us a tax free paradise. They both think they can give us world peace. The Republicans will fight to give it to us and the Democrats will negotiate until they get it. They both want to cure cancer, provide better medical care, take care of the children and they both want us all to get richer. My personal opinion is that nobody can provide what this world wants in the next election.

There is Somebody that can provide what we need. Even He can not provide what we want because He knows that what we want is not always what we need. He’s a man of peace, He believes in providing for the poor, He is able to heal the sick, He says that He can provide the social security that we need if we will just put Him first (Matthew 6:33). He has the cure for hate and murder. He isn’t running for office but He would like to be our own personal King. He runs sort of a shadow government and those who submit to him are usually a help and not a burden to the visible government. They don’t need more laws governing their lives because this King has sent a special anonymous servant called the Holy Spirit to help us be better citizens in this present world and to guide us as we try to help people prepare for the Kingdom that is coming.

When the Lord was here He said that it took a new birth to enter into His kingdom (John 3:3). But He also indicated that right now His Kingdom was spiritual and not physical so He didn’t raise an army to fight for Him (John 18:36). Those who submit to His authority and who trust Him have forgiveness of sins, they have a place in heaven prepared for them, they will never perish, they will have enough to eat, and they will have peace of mind. The wise people of this world consider His subjects to be foolish. However, it will turn out that they were really wise and the wise of this world who rejected this King were really very foolish.

This King presented Himself to “His people” and they rejected Him. They thought a king should fight and he wouldn’t. They thought a king should act kingly and they didn’t think he did. He didn’t have the right background, the right kind of birth, the right mother and he had been raised in the wrong town. So He came to His own and they didn’t receive Him (John 1:11). If He were running for political office today, I am convinced that He wouldn’t fit into the mold of either political party and most of us would consider his teaching to be too honest and too radical for us to vote for Him. They crucified Him the first time, not because He had done anything wrong, but to prove to Him that the leaders of Israel were the boss. He was just getting in the way of their careers. If He were to appear on the scene today, I suspect the same thing would happen. But there is a man coming who will be crafty and who will convince the world that He can provide peace. He will present Himself as a man of peace when really He is a man of war. He will be elected and followed without question when He comes on the scene. The Lord told Israel, “I have come in My Father’s name, and you do not receive Me; if another comes in his own name, him you will receive (John 5:43).”

So for whom should we vote? I am going to cast my vote for the Lord and His shadow government. After all, no man can rule on this earth unless He allows it. I wonder which of the candidates really understand that they will only be in office by permission of the real King. How many try to put the principles of the real kingdom into practice?

Even though we cannot get the Lord elected to the office that He should have and rightfully deserves at the present time, we can make Him our personal King and submit to His will as we go through life. The Lord is reigning in the hearts of those who have trusted him, and He will one day rule this world. There is no way that either the Republicans or the Democrats are going to be able to cure the ills of this world, but the day is coming when the Lord will bring be peace and righteousness and justice and sufficient food. When the Lord reigns heaven will truly be on earth.

Bruce Collins

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