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Then they shall know that I am the LORD

"Then they shall know that I am the LORD, when I scatter them among the nations and disperse them throughout the countries. But I will spare a few of their men from the sword, from famine, and from pestilence, that they may declare all their abominations among the Gentiles wherever they go. Then they shall know that I am the LORD."  (Ezekiel 12:15-16 NKJV)

Knowing the LORD

Normally those who know the LORD are those who have a personal relationship with Him.  Samuel did not “know” the LORD until the LORD called him in 1 Samuel 3.  The sons of Eli were priests offering sacrifices to the LORD, but they did not “know” the LORD (2 Samuel 2:12).  When we come to the book of Ezekiel, judgment Is predicted for Judah and Jerusalem as well as for all the surrounding nations.  At the end of the book, Ezekiel prophesies of the restoration of both Judah and Israel (the two tribes and the ten tribes).  But all through the book there is an emphasis on the nations “knowing that I am the LORD.”  Often, we read, “then shall they know that I am the LORD or the LORD God.”  This use of LORD in the older manuscripts is translated Jehovah in some manuscripts and in the Jewish writings was Yahweh.  This is the personal God of Israel and is the way God revealed Himself to Moses on the back side of the desert.  Based on Isaiah 6 and John 12, it is obvious that this LORD is the pre-incarnate Lord Jesus Christ.  See John 12:41, “These things Isaiah said when he saw His glory and spoke of Him.”

The Nations

Over and over again (I counted 63 times) Ezekiel refers to this phrase, “then shall they know that I am the LORD.”  In nearly every case, it is said after Ezekiel has prophesied coming judgement on the nation that will come to know the LORD.  It is after the fulfillment of the judgment that the nation responds and “knows” the LORD.  Does that mean that all these nations will at some point in the future be countries where the Lord is worshiped in truth? Yes, I think that is what is implied.  Likely, this poetic prophecy is foretelling the coming Tribulation period and the ultimate ushering in of the 1000-year reign of Christ.  The nations that enter the literal 1000-year reign of Christ will all have been winnowed by God’s judgment before their conversion.  They were isolators, but after God’s hand of judgment, they turn from idols to the LORD.  We haven’t seen that happen yet. 

What About Us?

God wants us individually to know Him.  Why does it often take trouble for us to come to know the Lord?  Many people tell me that they have trusted the Lord because they appreciated His love, but for me, I didn’t appreciate his love until after I had trusted Him. 

It took the death of President Kennedy to awaken me to the need to get right with God NOW.  I fully expected a civil war to break out when he was assassinated.  I was not prepared to die, and I could see the possibility of war.  We had just been through the problems with Castro and Russia and the Bay of Pigs Invasion.  We were fighting a very unpopular war in Vietnam.  And now our President had been assassinated.  I could honestly say like the Psalmist in the 116th Psalm, “The sorrows of death compassed me, the pains of hell gat hold upon me.”  Because of a calamity, I got serious about this matter of being saved and on November 24th, in the afternoon, when I gave up hope of ever being saved, I found out that Christ had already died to save me.  I was waiting for God to do something to save me and He had already done it.  I am resting on that truth yet today.  Christ has died for sinners and therefore He has died for me. 

I hope that the present unrest in our land will cause many to think about where they will spend eternity.  It seems we don’t take God as seriously in the good times as we do in the troublesome times.  We need to be prepared for whatever comes.  And if you are not prepared for the trouble that may be coming, now would be a good time to settle the issue of where you will be in eternity.  “He who believes in the Son has everlasting life; and he who does not believe the Son shall not see life, but the wrath of God abides on him (John 3:36)."  I am a believer and I hope you are as well.

Bruce Collins

Meditation for the week of November 23, 2019

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