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Would we Recognize Truth if it Bit us?

John 17:17 “Sanctify them by Your truth. Your word is truth.”

Truth is difficult to recognize in this life.  A really good used car salesman can convince most of us that the car he wants to sell us is a cream-puff that will drive forever.  But of course he will also convince us that the long-term warranty should be purchased “just to make sure.”  In the medical field we try to get second opinions, not because the doctor we go to is dishonest, but because he may not have all the latest tests and facts; and of course he may not know what he is doing. 

None of us like to find out that people have intentionally lied to us, but many times we get bad information just because the people we are depending on simply do not know what they are talking about.  They are not ornery or mean.  They are just ignorant.  Most of us don’t really understand how little we really do know for sure.

There has to be something that we can depend on.  God says He can be depended upon. We depend upon Him when we depend upon what He says.  He says His Word is TRUTH and that it will sanctify His followers.  That just simply means it will set them apart from the unbelieving world so that we can be a unique special purchased people that God can use and display for His glory.  There is just one problem.  We have all kinds of Christians who believe that the Bible says all kinds of things.  And while we who study the Bible know that there are principles of interpretation that should be followed, even those who claim to follow those principles come to remarkably different conclusions.  Even though Peter makes it clear that Paul’s writings are “Scripture” (See 2 Peter 3:15-16), there are some who think that he hated women and that most of the things he wrote about women and the way that they can please the Lord are not divinely inspired.  Others tell us that the Bible has to be “culturally relevant,” and they dismiss anything that an apostle or prophet wrote that is not (in their opinion) relevant to present society.  We have Christians who believe God chooses people to be saved and we have people who believe that God chooses those who are saved to be His people in the present day.  We have people who believe that salvation is by faith through grace alone and we have people who believe that salvation is through faith and works.  So why would anyone today believe that the Bible contains “TRUTH?”

Again, the Bible says that the Lord’s people will be “sanctified” or “set apart” by His Truth.  But as you study those who claim to be Christians, they are really not so much different than the world around them.  They divorce and remarry just like unbelievers do.  They live together without benefit of “a piece of paper.”  Some of them do not pay their bills even though they could.  I could go on and on.  So why should anyone believe those of us who say we believe the Bible and that we have the TRUTH?

I am convinced that most of us believe what we want to believe and most people do not want to believe that God tells the truth in the Bible.  I am convinced that most people who read the Bible (any of the better versions) with an open mind will find out that it is not that hard to understand.  If we let the simple Scriptures explain the difficult ones, the TRUTH that God loves us and has provided a way to escape the righteous penalty that we deserve because of our sins will become obvious.  And when the Holy Spirit impresses us with the Truth, we will be able to trust in the Lord and become one of His disciples.  All of our questions won’t be answered, but those of us who do believe that God’s Word is TRUTH realize that much that goes as “Christian” really isn’t. 

When we come to the conclusion that God does not lie, that God keeps His promises and that His Word really is TRUTH, we are freed from the deception of this world and Satan.  We are able to trust the Lord.  We are then different because we have been set apart for God by His TRUTH.  I believe we can recognize the TRUTH and it doesn’t have to bite us.

Bruce Collins

Meditation for the week of October 13, 2013

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