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Blood Moons


Mat 24:44  Therefore you also be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect.


Frantic Expectation

There is a certain frantic expectation in the fall air.  It is associated with a fourth blood moon that is set to occur on an important Jewish feast day, the first day of the feast of Tabernacles.  Since many prophetic events have been associated with Jewish holidays, could this next Jewish holiday be prophetically significant, particularly since it is associated with a blood moon? 


Can we Know Something Now that wasn’t Known or Revealed by the Lord?

A blood moon is produced during an eclipse of the moon when the moon is closest to the earth.  These happen rather rarely.  Since there will be signs in the heavens associated with the Lord’s return, is this one of the signs?  We know that the Lord’s return consists of rapturing the church to save believers in Christ from the coming wrath of God on the earth during the tribulation period as well as the tribulation itself.  It will also include the Lord’s coming as King of Kings and Lord of Lords to set up His righteous thousand year reign at the end of the tribulation period.  People have speculated over and over again as to when these things are going to happen.  Several years back we had “88 reasons why the Lord was going to come in 1988.”  Of course, history proves that the Lord did not come.  Harold Camping of Family Radio set several dates for the Lord’s return.  Even after being wrong, his followers still believed him when he said he knew the procedure for calculating the date but had just miscalculated. Harold Camping has now met the Lord and I am sure he has apologized for causing such a stir when the Bible clearly states that we are to be always ready because the Son of Man will come when we do not expect it.  The Lord clearly tells us in  Mark 13:32,  "But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.”  So can we know something now that even the Lord did not know when He was here on earth?  Probably not!  I think the word know here probably means “reveal” but we will leave that discussion for another day.


People have always wanted to be privy to information others do not have.  So there is now a book on the best seller list explaining the mysteries associated with the Shemitah year.  A man by the name of Jonathan Cahn says he understands this mystery.  Now a true Biblical mystery is something hidden in the Old Testament that is revealed in the New.  But Cahn’s mystery is something that only he seems to understand.  I frankly can’t follow his reasoning.  However, the Lord gave the Bible to the common man in languages easily understood at the the time the books were written so that the people of that day could all read it and understand it.  The message is not hidden for a select few to understand. And since I understand the plain teaching of our verse for today and since that plain teaching seems to violate all the teaching of date setters, I think it would be better to read and study the Bible and to believe it rather than to read and study our current generation of so-called prophets.


I Plan to Enjoy the Show

I have one problem with the house we have purchased.  It isn’t well located when it comes to seeing northern lights and eclipses and other night time phenomenon.  We have a shopping center to the north that has a lot of light hiding the night sky.   However, if I get a chance to go out in the country to see this blood moon, I will probably go and enjoy the sight.  If the Lord comes during it, I am ready to go.  If He doesn’t come during it, I am still ready to go.  But frankly, if I understand our verse for today right, it is more likely that the Lord will return the day before or in the days after the blood moon than on the day when everyone expects it.  However, since I am not really expecting the return of the Lord on that particular date, maybe, just maybe. . .


By the time you read this, the hype will all be over and once again people who do not actually read their Bibles will think that the Bible is wrong.  The Bible isn’t wrong but the false prophets who make money selling these doomsday scenarios are.  I am confident that the Lord will come in an hour that we do not expect.  But I am ready and I hope you are too. 


Bruce Collins


Meditation for the week of September 27, 2015


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